Clean Surface Effectively with Soda Blasting

Clean Surface Effectively with Soda Blasting

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With Soda blasting, companies are spoilt for choice when it comes to the ideal method to choose for their surface cleaning jobs. This is because soda blasting has an array of options to choose from and each option has its own unique perk thus making it a very hard decision for companies to go for a particular one. These options include; power washing and pressure stream washing. But whichever option you opt for just remember that it can serve any of the following process:

Wood deck

Although the power stream washing does the work (At least it removes the mold and mildew) but if you want to get a really good result from your wood deck cleaning then use soda blasting, this is because of the various chemicals used in soda blasting gives your wooden surface a beautiful brand new look.

Concrete cleaning

Soda blasting is an effective method of concrete cleaning. Unlike the power washing that requires a lot of tools and cleaning equipment, the soda blasting uses just a combination of powerful chemicals to wash concretes clean. Additionally soda blasting effectively removes concrete sealing, paint and other residues that have built-up over time on the concrete.

Fire restoration

If you have or manage a property that was destroyed by a fire accident but the property wasn’t entirely razed down or destroyed to a point where it will be considered inhabitable anymore, then you need soda blasting to bring the property back to life via cleaning and restoration. The process of soda blasting the property removes char from the wood. Meanwhile using a pressure stream washing helps in the rejuvenation of the property interiors.

Paver cleaning

With soda blasting you can thoroughly clean and rejuvenate the paver of your patio, commercial walkways, driveways and other areas where people and cars use daily.

Graffiti removal

Are you having sleepless night about how to remove graffiti from your building walls? Bother yourself no more! Because with soda blasting all those graffiti on your walls, concrete, bricks, surface and more will be stripped apart swiftly and with no environmental threat. This is because soda blasting makes use of chemicals that are guaranteed to effectively remove these paints off your walls then after the removal; pressure stream washing with water is then used to thoroughly clean the walls.

Paint removal

Soda blasting can also be used in paint removal. The chemical constituents of the soda blasting are way more efficient, quicker, cleaner and most importantly, these chemicals are environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, if you are considering renovating a property that has experienced damage by fire or you are bothered about the removal of that annoying graffiti on your walls, concrete, brick etc or you are considering giving your paver a good wash or you intend to give your stained wood deck a whole new look.. Then all you have to do is reach out to a reputable cleaning company and have them offer you soda blasting service.