Hot Water Installation and Repair Solutions for Your Home

Hot Water Installation and Repair Solutions for Your Home

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No matter what part of the world we live in and its subsequent climate, all of us require a sufficient supply of hot water on a daily basis. Cooking, cleaning and the upkeep of personal hygiene all rely on the use of hot water so it’s imperative that the systems supplying it are always working as intended.

Your home may currently have installed one of several different types of hot water system, powered by a variety of different fuels, but what they all have in common is the need for regular servicing. If you need a new hot water system or help with an old one, keep reading to learn more.

Electric Hot Water Systems

If your hot water system is powered by electricity, you will likely have a large hot water cylinder somewhere within your home which is responsible for both heating and storing hot water.

Whilst not the most economical way to heat water due to the cost of electricity, this type of system makes a great option for those without access to mains gas or with a lower hot water demand.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas based hot water systems are the most common and for good reason. Gas is often a cheaper source of fuel than electricity which can produce much more heat per dollar.

Your average hot water system features a gas fired boiler which heats water directly with the use of flames beneath pipework. This water can then be used instantly or stored in a large capacity tank installed somewhere within the home for later use.

Solar Hot Water System

Solar based hot water systems can come in two forms; water heated directly from the energy of the sun via a heat exchange system or stored energy used to power a hot water heater.

Both options are viable and offer a much lower impact on the environment due to not having to rely as heavily on carbon based fuels.

Installing a New Hot Water System

If your current system is outdated and can no longer meet your demands, consider upgrading to a newer model. You will often find that newer technology is far more efficient and that the initial capital outlay may have a relatively short payback period. For further advice, we would suggest;

  • Getting in touch with a heating specialist who can visit your home and assess your current hot water system.
  • From here, they will be able to provide you with an overview of the options available to you as well as their installation costs and likely running costs.

Repair and Maintenance

As mentioned, all hot water heating systems will require maintenance to keep them working efficiently. You will find that gas based systems require the most maintenance due to the combustion process involved when using natural gas as a fuel. All companies offering Parramatta hot water services will be able to assist with your servicing requirements. If you’re based in or near Sydney, we would suggest consulting a local directory for a list of suitable heating engineers.

It’s important to keep on top of the health of your water heating system to ensure that you never have to go without hot water.