How To Choose The Right Carpet For You

How To Choose The Right Carpet For You

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One of the biggest choices that you will make when either building a home or completing a total renovation is your carpet. While the obvious rooms such as your laundry and kitchen are going to be tiled, carpet is going to be the best way to floor your home and add a homely touch. However, what style and color do you choose? This article has some great tips to consider that can help.

What’s Your Budget?

The first thing that you are going to need to do is to consult your budget. While it’s a lovely idea that money isn’t a factor, in reality, money is THE factor. When realizing that you can afford, start with the following costs:

  • Delivery of your new carpet
  • Cost to remove your old carpet
  • Cost to lay your new carpet
  • Cost to remove and dispose of your old carpet

Those are the four set fees that you will come up against. Once you know the set price for these services, anything you have left over can be divided into your measurements and be applied to your filter when looking at carpet prices.

Start With Your Underlay

One of the most overlooked items of a carpet installation is the underlay. If you aren’t aware of the product, it’s a layer of foam type material that it placed underneath your carpet. It helps to extend your carpet’s lifespan and makes it more comfortable to walk on.

Now It’s Time for Carpet Shopping!

Now that you know how much you can spend per measurement, it’s time to book a car using the Groupon Coupons page for Sixt and head to your local carpet stores and warehouses. As you visit each one and look at different carpets, keep the following in your mind:

  • What Type of Use Can Your Carpet Expect to See?
    • If you are always cleaning dirt and mud out of your carpet or sticky candies that have been dropped and left behind then a short haired carpet is likely to be your best choice. With a short carpet, it is easy to notice and remove any stain-causing items. On the other hand, if the area will see very little foot traffic or, at the least, careful foot traffic, a long haired carpet is an option.
  • How much cleaning are you willing to commit to?
    • Speaking of cleaning, you will also want to ask yourself how much cleaning you are willing to do. Now, this is the time to be honest with yourself, lest you end up with a carpet that you just don’t have the time or energy to clean. Again, if you expect to see a lot of dirt, a short haired carpet is super easy to clean, whereas a long haired carpet will require you to be careful with your cleaning technique.
  • Would a pattern suit your home or should you stick with a plain color?

Most homeowners stick to a traditional color, however, it’s important to remember that patterned carpets are available and can offer a different look to your home than a plain carpet.

Nobody ever said that choosing and installing carpet in your home was an easy task, however, these are some great tips to get you started on the right track.