Mimicking Marble: Using Quartz for a Lookalike Countertop

Mimicking Marble: Using Quartz for a Lookalike Countertop

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Mimicking Marble

Marble is a beautiful stone that’s used in grand designs both small at home and large at museums and monuments, but its price and maintenance requirements can sometimes put it out of reach for use as home countertops – and that’s where quartz steps in as a perfect replacement material.

Engineered quartz takes natural quartz crystals and in a man-made process in factories combines them with resins and pigments to produce slabs for countertops in a massive variety of styles. It’s possible to get quartz in solid colors like reds, whites, and blues, or to mimic more-expensive stones such as marble, but at a much lower price and with far easier upkeep than the actual stone.

Because quartz is produced in a factory, it is an incredibly strong material that will resist stains and scratches, and it is hard to chip. It also won’t absorb liquids from spills or other splashes. Those features alone make it the perfect choice for a busy place like the bathroom or kitchen. Quartz is also incredibly easy to clean with some soap and water, and doesn’t need to be sealed. Overall, the upkeep requirements are incredibly low, making for a stress-free countertop.

The ability to create marble-look quartz also means that visually the material can be used to achieve whatever the home marble design project might be, yet at a much more reasonable budget.

For example, consider a classic white quartz that is made to resemble marble with a few thin veins of gray. This elegant style works wonders in many types of kitchens, and will pair well with light-colored walls as well as darker-colored fixtures like wooden cabinets.

Or use a similar style of marble-look quartz countertop but with thicker, longer gray veins for a more prominent visual. This approach can be great if used as the countertop for the kitchen “island,” which is the stand-alone unit in the kitchen used for food preparation or eating.

It’s not just whites and grays, however, as other styles of marble-look quartz are available. Some homes look great with a cream-colored quartz countertop that features medium-sized veins of gold to project the classic look of marble, but again, at a much more reasonable budget.

Marble-look quartz can also look great in other rooms, such as serving as a stylish way to finish countertops in the living room. Achieve the quality image of marble with a white quartz countertop with subtle specks of gray, and nobody will be able to tell it’s not actually marble.

As shown by the handful of examples above, engineered quartz can be a cost-effective and guaranteed way to achieve the look of marble countertops without the potentially high expense and major maintenance requirements that marble requires, meaning homeowners can achieve the marble-style kitchen of their dreams.