Remove all the myths on fiber cement siding

Remove all the myths on fiber cement siding

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A colorful siding gives an elegant look to a house. However, in addition to its aesthetic value, this siding also protects the walls from various elements of weather. Now, you may know that lots of contractors use fiber cement as house siding. Though lots of homeowners invest in this siding, there are myths on this type of house siding.

A lasting value can be achieved by fiber cement house siding

While you look at the past, you may see that this siding has gained much popularity first in the country of Australia. The northern part of America also accepts this siding. Apart from the minimal maintenance needs, it offers several other advantages. It can resist fire, insects, impact, moisture and rodents.

However, the common fact is that no siding can give you a lasting solution. Thus, in case of fiber cement, nature may also degrade its condition. The manufactures of this siding can face issues due to different concrete types, available all over the world. But, the best siding contractors Ann Arbor Michigan may apply the material in the right way and help you to have the maximum benefits from it.

No need of repainting the siding

It is also another misconception of the house owners. Just as other sidings, fiber cement ones should also be repainted. While the lifecycle of the present coating has become expired, you have to call painters. However, this fiber cement house siding is available in primed and pre-painted version. The first one can be painted with any color after installing the siding. For the pre-painted version, there is no onsite coating process, and it can last more than the other version. The best quality pre-painted product may not easily have to peel or chipping issue. However, its color can get faded, and so, you have to repaint it.

Asbestos is a common element in any fiber cement house siding

It was true only in the past years. However, now, you may not find asbestos in this siding. Fiber cement product has been introduced for replacing this asbestos and to make environment safer.

 Thus, these are the myths, related to fiber cement, used or siding. Your siding contractor will help you to choose the best siding and give you more information on it. Invest in the siding that gives the utmost value to you for several years.