The History of this 114-Year-Old Plumbing Company

The History of this 114-Year-Old Plumbing Company

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Since 1903 Dallas Plumbing has been doing business in the Dallas area – that is 114 years for this family owned business. Dallas Plumbing is pleased to have only been a handful of companies established for that long. The management is into the 3rd and 4th generation of the early owners. This company continues in the business tradition of old-fashioned and the best customer service as well as quality workmanship.

1931 Year of History

1931 was the year that the brothers Wright launched first flight at Kitty Hawk North Carolina and Ford Motor Company was incorporated with Henry Ford as Chief Engineer and Vice President. That was year Dallas Plumbing was established and after that Ward Downs started serving those plumbing needs in Dallas using a horse-drawn wagon. Dallas grew and do did Dallas Plumbing Company.

Thrived and survived

It is from that early start, this plumbing company has thrived and survived as one of the oldest plumbing companies in this area, across 4 generations of family ownership. This company has helped the construction of some of the structures and homes that are prominent in Texas. In 1934, Dallas was designated as the host city for the Texas Centennial Exposition, celebrating Texas’s independence from Mexico. With a labor group of 8000 workers, this company helped build what is now our nation’s major assortment of Art Deco structures as well as now a National Historic Landmark.

Highland Park and Park Cities

In Highland Park and the Park Cities, this company did the original plumbing and heating in so many of the cities’ homes that are landmark, serving those communities from their location on McKinney Avenue. Highland Park Village is another landmark and became a Dallas Plumbing project in the early 1930s. This Spanish style structures remain a local and visitor shopping place in the very heart of Highland Park and this company still serves many in this area as well as renovation, remodeling and new construction in the Park Cities.