Weird Myths about attic insulation busted!

Weird Myths about attic insulation busted!

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Whether to or whether not to is the question that surrounds attic insulation across the world! There are many people who understand the importance of a good insulation across the house while some hesitate to have insulation as they believe in the myths that surround this procedure. These misconceptions are generally born from the “whether not to” category of people who believe in the words of misinformed and ill-knowledge individuals. Such misconceptions should be busted and people should see the truth behind attic insulation, which is a very important part of the house. So, attic insulation contractors have gathered some of the most circulated myths and explained their false nature. The following information is to highlight the same and enlighten the people about attic insulation.

  • Attic insulation is a waste of money in warm regions

People should know that attic insulation serves the purpose of preserving heat as well as cold inside a house. It keeps the warmth inside during winter season and helps to sustain cool climate during summer season. Remember that installation with the help of an attic insulation contractor whitby would only ensure such conditions and DIY methods do not work. People who try DIY methods fail and feel that such insulations are a waste of money in warm or temperate climates. But, they do not realize the difference between the work of a professional and someone who doesn’t know the trade.

  • Attic insulation can seal all the air leaks

That is an impossible task as insulation does not cover all the holes in the house or the roof. However, it is true that insulation reduces the air leak to a considerable level. There are many other factors that help an insulation to work as an air barrier. The roofing companies need to properly install the shillings or any other material, vapor barrier must be installed, outlets should be closed properly, wires and cables must be pre-wired so that no gap is found. All these factors contribute to stop air leaks. The recent advancement known as spray foam might be a great option to prevent air leaks as it does not allow anything to pass through.

  • R-value will be constant

If an individual asks attic insulation contractors about R-value they will explain that it is the capability of the insulation material to hold the temperature and is a measure of heat flow resistance. There are different types of insulation materials and each of them has different R-values which are given to them based on laboratory experiments. However, the value alters based on the pressure, temperature variance and other factors in the attic of a particular home of a particular region. So, never expect the R-value to be same.

  • HVAC system will become invincible with attic insulation

Yes, it can become highly energy efficient but not to a point where it can save thousands of dollars in a year. This is even revealed by the roofing companies and people should realize that insulation helps in saving energy but there are other factors that influence this. One cannot expect to rely on attic insulation after opening the doors and windows. HVAC and attic insulation become wonderful partners when there is no outside influence on them. Further, one should have an HVAC system that is capable and powerful to supply the whole house.

So, do not believe in the misconceptions and rely on realities when it comes to attic insulation. Contact us through addresses in Factual or Home stars.

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